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Search for the Sacred (cover)

The Sacred Search - A Metaphysical Mystery Series


Tom Morrissey

This series delves into the unknown, taking Jeremy Storyteller and his wife Kate to places few people ever go. There is an exploration factor here that delivers them to shadowy doorways, where they meet powerful forces of evil in unconventional ways and wish that they hadn't. The characters you will come to know throughout this series will remain with you, sometimes in your head, as you sit idly thinking, and other times in your dreams. They will cause you to ponder what lies beyond this life and who will be there when you arrive there... and arrive you will. The struggle between good and evil has been going on since God created existence. It is seen in the Holy Bible, other books, movies and tales told around campfires down through the ages. There is always a goodness and an evil'. Is this the driving force of the universe? Of course it is and it is played out on that giant chessboard often referred to as life. The difference in the "Sacred Search Metaphysical Mystery Series and many other story lines is it might just cause you to wonder who is who and which is which?

Aged in Saltwater Cover

Aged In Saltwater: A Journey Through the Pacific Islands


R. K. "Dick" Williams

I am Dick Williams, a professional pilot and recreational sailor. It is the story of my 40+ year career as a pilot, primarily my years as an Idaho backcountry commercial pilot, and will have many pictures included as well. I also have a DVD out called Mountain Flying with Dick Williams, available through or A segment can be seen on YouTube at "Piper Cub Landing Up-hill."

Hatshepsut (cover)

Hatshepsut: Interpreting the Evidence


Brian Brennan

Designed for senior high school students this book provides a comprehensive and accessible account of the reign of the female pharaoh Hatshepsut. It is richly illustrated and features photos of statues and reliefs as well as a map and plans of temples. The book includes a chapter of text excerpts illustrating 13 modern views of Hatshepsut from the 19th to the 21st century. This is a study with academic depth and up-to-date information based on recent scholarship.

Sapo (cover)

Sapo In My Soul: The Matsés Frog Medicine


Peter Gorman

Peter Gorman's Sapo In My Soul is the story of the Western world’s discovery of Sapo/Kambo, and a guidebook to using the medicine traditionally. Part memoir, adventure story, magical mystery tour, jungle jaunt and documentary, Sapo In My Soul is a power-packed ride into uncharted terrain. With more than three dozen photos, as well as stories and information on sapo's sister medicine, nü-nü. Visit for sample chapters and more.

How To Interview (cover)

How to Interview: A Simple Guide for Job Seekers


Andrea Friedenson

The right book to read the night before the big interview! Most interview advice books teach you to memorize answers to frequently-asked questions. But trying to prepare for an interview is nerve-wracking enough without also trying to stuff someone else's answers to 101 questions into your head. How to Interview will teach you a flexible framework that requires no memorization, and that allows you to easily position yourself and your experience in the best light, while also getting your personality across. You'll be authentic, memorable, and able to think on your feet. Best of all, How to Interview is just the right length to read as late as the night before your interview. More preparation is always better, but when you're short on time, How to Interview can still get you ready for success in just hours. The techniques in this book have been used by successful job seekers now employed at Google, Facebook, Disney, biotech firms, and more. Stop cramming pre-written interview answers into your head and start finding a natural way to show off how awesome you are, with How to Interview.

The Insider (cover)

The Insider


Jack Morris

Lance and Megan are experienced big-boat sailors even though both are established and busy with their individual professions. Megan Crenshaw serves as a defense attorney with a Virginia law firm and Lance Reid, an intelligence contractor and former CIA field agent, works on call for the agency. Their schooner, Mood Changer, is kept moored in Hampton Roads with a permanent crew of one, Jefferson, their vervet monkey. The Agency seeks proof that sex trafficking and child slavery are operating among the Caribbean Islands and dispatches Lance and his schooner to collect and send back evidence these crimes exist. Megan clears her law schedule for the ninety day assignment and joins Lance and Jefferson for the sea journey south. As in several earlier agency assignments Megan is given special security clearance to work the on board Langley communications.

Cocktail Hour (cover)

Cocktail Hour in the Land of the Midnight Sun


Edward J. Martley

Cocktail Hour author Ed Martley got the Alaska bug when he was a child. As he grew up in the smaller states, that fascination grew, too. He imagined all sorts of adventure that could be found in The Great Land. He became a reporter and editor for newspapers in Wyoming and South Dakota, and one day in a trade magazine, found a help-wanted ad from the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner. He applied, was hired and within weeks was northbound on a ship headed up the Inside Passage. The stories in Cocktail Hour are embellished by more than two dozen photographs Martley took while on the job. Cocktail Hour is for wannabe-sourdoughs, present and former residents of The Great Land, and people of all ages who enjoy a rollicking good yarn. Martley’s best-selling print books include Blender, Colorado River Dog, War Kids: the Littlest Generation, and The Practical Speech handbook, a college text.

Adapt and Overcome (cover)

Adapt and Overcome


Mike Pizzi: United States Marshal

An inspirational book for everyone with hopes and dreams who had to adapt and overcome adversity.

Betty (cover)

BETTY: The Story of Betty MacDonald, Author of The Egg and I


Anne Wellman

Well educated and raised as a lady, Betty Bard in 1927 married a man she barely knew. The newlyweds immediately started a chicken ranch in the remote American Northwest. Here Betty had to contend with a difficult husband, loneliness, pregnancy, primitive neighbors, and thousands of chickens. This was the stuff of her first book, The Egg and I. A Hollywood movie of the book appeared two years later and at least eight further movies based on the popular Egg and I characters Ma and Pa Kettle were to follow. But what really happened to Betty on the farm?

Arcadius and Pangur Ban (cover)

The Adventures of Brother Arcadius and Pangur Ban: 11 Tales


Margaret Nagel

It's the year AD 898. Sixteen-year-old Brother Arcadius makes the arduous journey from his native Dublin to the remote Alpine monastery of Spiritus Sanctus to be its new assistant librarian. Fortunately for the earnest young monk and everyone else at the monastery, he doesn't arrive alone but with a cat, a very exceptional cat of few words and fortuitous catlike powers....

Inspired by an actual 9th-century poem about a monk and his cat named Pangur Ban, these comical and touching adventures are written for all those who (like Brother Arcadius himself) strive to keep their balance in a difficult world. With illustrations by the author.

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