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At eBook Pioneers our prices are very fair and competitive within the marketplace. Below are some or our standard prices. We bill via a PayPal invoice. (You don't need to belong to PayPal. You can use a regular credit or debit card with them too.) For larger fixed layout books, we ask for half the payment up front and the rest upon delivery of your ePub and Mobi files.


Short Stories (anything under 15,000 words) - $50

Novellas (15,000 to 39,999 words) - $75

Novels (40,000 to 130,000 words) - $95

Extra Length Novels (anything over 130,000 words) - $125

Simple Non-Fiction (We no longer format non-fiction print books. We still do non-fiction eBooks however.)

(These are non-fiction books that have no sidebars or text boxes. Non-fiction titles cost more due to items such as sub-sections and endnotes and indices which take quite a bit of extra time to format. If you have a book with no endnotes, indices, text boxes, and very few photos, we may treat it like a fiction book and take the price down.)

Very Short Non-fiction (anything under 15,000 words) - $75

Short Non-fiction (15,000 to 39,999 words) - $100

Standard Non-fiction (40,000 to 130,000 words) - $130

Extra Length Non-fiction (anything over 130,000 words) - $160

Print Books

(We only format print books for CreateSpace at this time, and we only format print editions if we've also already done the eBook version. We'll give you a PDF file of your book suitable for CreateSpace to use. We're also happy to provide a PDF version of your cover at no charge if you send it to us. We require the eBook version to be paid for before formatting the print version.)

Novels (40,000 to 130,000 words) - $85

Extra Length Novels (anything over 130,000 words) - $115

Standard Non-fiction (40,000 to 130,000 words) - $120

Extra Length Non-fiction (anything over 130,000 words) - $150


Extra Photos (including charts and graphs for both fiction and non-fiction)
  0 - 19 images = Free!
20 - 49 images = $30
50 - 79 images = $60 etc.

Endnotes - $30 (If you include endnotes in your manuscript, providing it's a .doc, .docx, or .odt file it should convert to HTML with no problems. Of course, footnotes are impossible to have in reflowable eBooks, so you must opt to use endnotes and place them at the end of the book or the end of each chapter or section.)

Indices - $30 (These are not recommended for eBooks since all eReaders have a built-in search function, but for print or eBooks either one we charge $30 for each index providing you supply the index. If you have a Word doc, the index in it will convert to HTML just fine.)

PDF Conversion - $60 (We normally receive text documents from clients such as Word .doc, .docx, or OpenOffice Writer .odt files. Even ePub or HTML files are just fine. However, if we must convert from a PDF file, we'll have to charge extra for doing so because this takes a lot of effort and proofing since there is no way to do a PDF conversion without it causing a lot of conversion errors that must be tracked down and fixed.)

There are certain kinds of manuscripts we'll have to look at before giving you an estimate such as fixed layout children's picture books, cook books, poetry, and self help books. Also any non-fiction manuscripts that have an excessive amount of photographs, lists, sidebars and so on.

We do not handle books with audio-video or enhanced ePub books. There are no eReaders that can read those kinds of files at this time. Only the iPad tablet computer can read audio-video books right now. That accounts for about 1% or the eBook market and is simply not profitable. We suggest waiting another couple of years before thinking about including audio-video in an eBook. In the meantime, consider making interactive DVDs instead and selling them in the software sections of stores. There's already a huge audience there for them.

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