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What We Do: (We do print books too!
See our pricing page.)
First let me tell you what we are not. We are not just a conversion service. You'll find some cheap fly-by-night eBook conversion services (often advertising themselves as formatting services) who do nothing more than run your files through an automatic conversion tool but do none of the formatting required to make a proper eBook. Anyone can use such a tool to make ePub and Mobi files, but unless you format the underlying HTML and CSS properly they'll not look at all how the author and/or publisher intended. Often there will be blank lines between paragraphs, no indentations, no TOC (table of contents), links that don't function, and everything left aligned including headings that were meant to be centered. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

eBook Sample 1At eBook Pioneers, we're a true eBook formatting service. We'll do our level best to format your eBook files in such a way as to make them look as close to print books as possible, and we'll do it for a reasonable fee. You supply us with something like a Word Doc (we can handle many other formats of course) laid out the way you'd like your book to look, and we'll try to match it as best we can on all the major eReader devices from Nook to Kindle and even tablets like iPad and Fire. Since there are no industry standards among eReaders at this time, and with dozens of different models on the market, you'll never match them all, but you can come reasonably close on the majority. We work with both publishers and indie authors to help you look equally professional in the eBook marketplace.

Input Formats:

The two most common and most preferable are Word .doc and .docx files. We'll also accept .txt (plain text), .rtf (rich text format), OpenOffice and LibreOffice Writer .odt files, .ePub, and .html.

We can also accept .pdf files; however, there's an extra $50 charge for those because we'll have to go through them paragraph by paragraph, or even line by line in some cases, to proof and correct all the conversion errors PDF files generate.

We'll first convert your files to HTML, and with the help of CSS (cascading style sheets), we'll control the layout of the book so it will look correct on eReader devices. This can be challenging to say the least with no industry standards to rely upon. Thus all reading devices handle things such as margins and centering differently.

Output Formats (this is what we'll give to you)

We'll present you with both Mobi and ePub files when we're done. Mobi format is the one used for uploading to Amazon. EPub files are used by virtually every other eBook vendor from Barnes & Noble to Kobo and iBooks. Several formatting companies charge extra for a Mobi file, but we always give you both at no extra charge whatsoever.

For further details check out our pricing and FAQs pages. Then contact us when you're ready to submit your files for conversion.

Note: We do not handle sex based books of any kind such as pornography, gay & lesbian, or erotica.

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